To All Members of ESEE Subject: Invitation to the 20th AGA on Electrical Engineering.

The Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers (ESEE) organizes Annual General Assembly (AGA) and a panel discussion with the aim to provide a professional forum and encourage researchers in the country. Like any other professional society, the main objective of the Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers (ESEE) is to bring the large number of professionals and organizations engaged in the field together and to jointly enable them to contribute their part in national development activities in general and in the advancement of the profession in particular. Currently, besides the AGA, ESEE has found it timely to conduct a panel discussion on the theme: “The Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) – Operational Challenges and On-going Efforts towards Meeting Customer Expectations” which will take place on 20th July, 2019 as part of the events marking the 20th founding Anniversary of our society. The objectives of the panel discussion are:  To provide a professional forum for the EEU to communicate on its huge mandate of managing the distribution, sales, operation of electricity nationwide as well as on its quality improvement programs and customer care packages, etc… to our members and other participants of the panel discussion.  To enable the EEU get professional feedback on existing power supply-demand and power distribution service quality gaps from the audience. To facilitate two way communications between the EEU and our members on customer service delivery standards, customer service expectations and service complaint handling mechanisms.  To create common ground on customers’ service perception, expectation & satisfaction that will help the EEU’s enhance its quality improvement & customer satisfaction efforts. A One day event will take place on Saturday, 20th July, 2019 at GLOBAL HOTEL starting from 8:00am (2:00 Local Time). This is, therefore, to cordially invite you to be part of this important professional event to contribute on the professional development.

Sincerely yours,

Samrawit Kassaye (Eng.) President, Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers

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