KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has established an Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) system. It is an electric vehicle which is provided energy by the road while stationary or moving. The power is supplied to such electric vehicles by the cables fixed in the road. A permanent direct connection is not needed by these cables in order to charge the vehicle. As an alternative, a magnetic field is created which is converted into electrical energy by the devices carried on the bus. Lots of components that are present in almost every electric vehicle currently, for instance, heavy batteries, overhead trolley lines are left out due to this particular feature. In addition to this, these busses are not required to stop for recharging. The limited range is a drawback of these vehicles as they cannot ride on the side of the road that supports them.

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ESEE- Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers is a Professional Association registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice under the Non- Governmental organization registration Code.


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