History of ESEE

The history of ESEE starts on the first date when people gathered and established on 1998. But the founders were making series meeting in order to establish the society one year before its establishment. The First registration Certificate of the Society.


Major Milestone in ESEE Year 1995 E.C - The former name of the society is changed from SEEE to the current name ESEE Year 1999 E.C - ESEE launched the First Scientific Conference in Electrical Engineering Year 2000 E.C - ESEE launched Chapter Establishment program Year 2003 E.C - ESEE has chosen as Addis Ababa STEM Center Partner

About Us

ESEE- Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers is a Professional Association registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice under the Non- Governmental organization registration Code.


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Contact Details

Address: Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, AAU China Offices, Room E109

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email: info@esee.org.et
Phone: (+251 11) 810-2464
Fax: (+251 11) 123-9480


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