Current Activities

Using the existing Lab the center has thought four schools namely

  • Furi primary school
  • Kality primary school
  • Kality secondary school
  • Beza primary school

The selection criteria of inviting student were based on at least ranked students or to be members of science clubs.
Therefore starting from Jan –June 2004 E.C

    • Computer Lab -21 no of students attended Introduction to Computer from Grade 1-4.
    • Electronics Lab-20 no of students attended Basic of Electronics and Electricity from Grad 7-10.

Oct-present 2005 E.C

    • Computer Lab-41 number of students from Grade 5-10
    • Electronic s Lab 42 number of students from Grade 5-10

AA-STEM Lab manuals are designed based syllabus of course thought in theoretical class so that it is designed experiment tailored to each chapter topic covered during lectures in their schools. End of each session they conduct mini projects. In addition to these there are also special programs for kids by playing games they learn science principles like by constructing kite and play with it . They learn measurement and principle how kite fly in the air and yoyo E.t.c

The STEM Center is running under ESEE. . However,with the agreement arrived between Ministry of Education, Addis Abeba Science and Technology University , the donor , and the former ESEE Executive committee, the STEM center is on the process of to be transferred to Addis Ababa Science and Technology University.

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ESEE- Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers is a Professional Association registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice under the Non- Governmental organization registration Code.


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